Prof. Patrizia Campolongo, PhD

Position: Associate Professor- SSD BIO/14 

Address: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology «V. Erspamer». 3rd  floor. Office n. 3 

Sapienza University of Rome. 

P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma


Phone 06-49912450 Fax 06-49912480

e-mail: patrizia.campolongo@uniroma1.it


Academic year: 2018-2019

General and Molecular Pharmacology (M-Z): https://elearning.uniroma1.it/course/view.php?id=3367

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (M-Z): https://elearning.uniroma1.it/course/view.php?id=5823