Join our Lab

In our lab, the greatest strength is the teamwork. To strengthen the team spirit, we usually arrange Journal Clubs, Lab Meetings and Team-building sessions. These moments represent some of the best ways to improve learning and to make working and studying less hard.

 Every student who decides to join us, not only will learn how an experimental research works and how much interesting can be the ways that may lead to an important discovery, but he/she will also learn to coordinate with colleagues, to arrange experiments and, to respect the places he/she shares with others. Last but not least, he/she will have fun with all of us during our recreational sessions.

 We are interested in meeting new students who want to join our lab. Students who want to join us must be willing to work in the lab for year, in order to graduate.

 If you are interested in joining our team and want more information, please send contact Prof. Patrizia Campolongo,


Department of Physiology and Pharmacology «V. Erspamer»

Office n.3, 3rd floor

Sapienza University of Rome